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    Note that the OpenTree taxonomy contains mostly binomials, but in some cases, terminals comprising genus + strain number can also be mapped directly to OTT. (When in doubt, try mapping it!)

    Mapping options

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    This tool will help you to quickly map a list of names to taxa in the OTT (Open Tree Taxonomy). This is typically done with leaf labels that represent names (operational taxonomic units) in a phylogenetic tree.

    We use a TNRS (taxonomic name resolution service) to automate this mapping process, including resolving synonyms and misspellings. Mapping is simplest if trees use taxonomic names from NCBI, GBIF, Index Fungorum or IRMNG. Some labels comprising genus + strain will also map directly. See Mapping options for ways to customize mapping.

    TODO: You can monitor your mapping progress using... and save this mapping session as a "nameset" file that includes

    • all original and mapped names
    • OTT ids for all mapped names
    • any mapping options defined here
    • copies of all imported files (lists of names)
    • output files with original and mapped names

    This nameset file is a ZIP archive containing the input and output files described above, plus a file main.json that carries session details and useful metadata.

    This web browser does not provide the needed access to the local filesystem! Please try using this tool in another browser.


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